Electric Cars Problems Are Battery And Overheating Is Occurring On October 12, Hyundai announced it was withdrawing a lot of greater than 75,000 electric vehicles out of the industry. At precisely exactly the exact same date, Ford announced it would do the very exact same using 30,000 units of their hybrid Kuga, even though the version is attempting to sell exceptionally well, notably in Europe. The reason why is acute injuries in these brands of electric cars caught fire. health is a very important part of life. Hyundai says it's going to stop attempting to sell this type of massive amount of K-Ona cars due to the fact that they run the chance of spontaneous ignition because of flaws from the batteries.  Within the official announcement quoted by Electric, the auto giant said that it had been convinced from the foundation of the issue and has been working hard to repair it, even though those words had been improbable to guarantee users whose cars had burst into fires because of